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The Grandmaster

Wong Kar-wai, Hong Kong, 2013

2h 2m


Wong Kar-Wai, best known for his films “In the Mood for Love” and “Chungking Express,” is has been a fixture of international art cinema for two decades. Coming to filmmaking from a background in design, Wong’s films are richly textured, stunningly photographed, often driven by mood more than plot, and edited to a contemplative pace. “The Grandmaster” finds him returning to the martial arts genre, which he previously explored in “Ashes of Time.” This story follows the life and times of legendary kung fu master, Ip Man (played by Tony Leung), a figure famous in the West for having been Bruce Lee’s teacher. The film also features Chinese star Zhang Yiyi (known for her breakout role in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”) in a role that bridges the genres of martial arts and melodrama. Don’t miss the rare opportunity to see this gorgeously crafted film on the big screen!


Tickets available at the Varsity Theatre, 123 E. Franklin St.



The Ackland Film Forum’s Spring 2020 series The Patterned Screen: Rhythm and Repetition in Contemporary Asian Cinema is organized by the UNC Global Cinema Studies program in the Department of English and Comparative Literature, and the Ackland Art Museum. The series is presented in connection with the Ackland’s exhibition Yayoi Kusama: Open the Shape Called Love (on view through April 12, 2020). The exhibition is organized by Peter Nisbet, Deputy Director for Curatorial Affairs. Yayoi Kusama: Open the Shape Called Love presents the distinguished collection of James Keith Brown ’84 and Eric Diefenbach.

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